Viewers Profit

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Viewers Profit :
The Viewers Profit is a unique and amazing feature specially designed by Studio Violina, through which you can earn an additional revenue from the Premium package amount of each commissioned partner under your reference. A user can earn unlimited revenue based on their reference through the Viewers Profit.
Registration Process:
To register under the viewer's profit, a user must provide a mobile number for One Time Password (OTP) and agree to the terms and conditions. With the input of the OTP, the mobile number will be linked with Studio Violina and the user will be able to create their individual profile. After creating the profile successfully, the user will be provided with a media file for purchase with a nominal mentioned price. On purchase of the media file, the user will complete the registration under the viewer's profit.
Invite Friends:
The Invite Friend feature gives a user the scope to increase their revenue income. On registration under Viewer’s Profit, a user will receive a unique link of invitation entirely for their profile. The link can be sent to unlimited friends to invited them to become a commissioned partner of the user. Minimum four invitee must accept the invitation link.
Team - Genealogy Tree: 
The genealogy tree tool provides a user with the structured details of all their uplines. 
Downline Tree: 
The downline tree feature helps a user to see the details of all their downlines, who became a commission partner under their recommendation. It shows the detail structure of the downline tree built by the user.
Direct Comm. Partners: 
The Direct comm. Partners Tool provides you the detail about your direct commission partners, who have become a commission partner under you at your recommendation immediately after you.
Download - View Download: 
This feature shows the list of products you can download from the Viewer's Profit portal of Studio Violina.
My Download: 
This feature shows the list of products you have downloaded from Viewers Profit portal of Studio Violina.
Wallet - Wallet Transfer: 
This tool helps you to transfer money to other commission partner's id. To ensure security, the Admin will sent an OTP to the sender's registered mobile number. The sender then has to provide the OTP to the system to approve the transfer of money.
Wallet Transaction: 
A comm partner can view the detailed transaction of his/her wallet with this tool.
Bp (Business Point) Wallet Transaction: 
A commission partner can view the total Bp (Business Point) generated after any download by the commission partner and their downline partner. After 500BP is generated/collected, 50% of the total money collected in Download Wallet, will transfer automatically to Income Wallet.
Download Wallet: 
It shows the total revenue collection of the revenue partner. 8% of money from each income of the commissioned partner will be deducted and automatically transferred to this wallet. Also whenever the BP wallet will exceed 500 BP, 50% of the Download Wallet Money will transfer automatically to the Income Wallet.
Payment Withdraw Request: 
It helps the commissioned partner to send  a request to the admin to receive the money from the income wallet. The commissioned partner must provide an OTP to the admin for the purpose.  
View Payment Withdraw Request: 
It allows the commissioned partner to check the status of the payment withdraw request sent to the Admin.  
Revenue - View Revenue: 
It helps the commissioned partner to watch the gross income percentage gained from different levels, the deduction of download wallet, admin charges and tds and the final net income after the deductions of all the charges.
Income Voucher :
Profie and Payment Withdraw Setting: 
This feature helps the commissioned partner to set and edit their profile by providing a permanent address proof. They can also select their desired payment mode with this feature.
Messages - Inbox Messages: 
The Inbox shows you the messages received from Admin of Studio Violina.
Send Messages to Admin: 
The Send Message to Admin tool helps you to send a message directly to the Admin of Studio Violina.
Sent Messages: 
The sent messages option shows you the history of the messages sent by you to Admin of Studio Violina.
My Others Id: 
This tool helps the commissioned partner to create unlimited ids and start new networks under each id, which will help them to earn unlimited revenue, just like the main login id. But to create a new id, each time a new audio must be purchased for each ids.
Change password: 
The options helps you to change your password. You must provide an Otp for the purpose