Recording Studio

Studio Violina is a reputable resource for Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Film dubbing studio knowledge. It has become a gathering place for people involved in making music. Studio Violina is a Track Recording Digital or Analogue multi-track recording studio. The primary focus of our studio is to give musicians an opportunity to produce there Demo CD in high quality at a reasonable price,  We will produce a mastered product for you that are radio ready. Your recording is your calling card to show your fans, clubs owners, booking agents, record labels, radio stations, A&R reps and publishers, We have a “Affordable rates” so walk in with your creative ides & make your master pieces.
We provide Music, Sound Design & Voice Over services related to following fields:
* Any Kind of Music (Eastern & Western). 
* Arraging and Programming of VST and Acoustic 
* Unplugged Track Making for YouTube or anyother Digital Platforms
* SFX for Corporate Film, TVC & other Media
* Website Voice Over
* Narration for documentaries
* Animation Voice Over
* Radio Commercials
* Corporate presentations
* TV commercials
* Background Music.
* Film Post Production
Studio Equipments: 
* High Configuration Window Setup
* Software - Cubase 10.10 Pro
* Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer
* RME Internel Sound Card
* Studio Microphone : 
* Neumann Mic,
* Blue Microphones Spark Condenser Mic,
* M-Audio Nova Mic, 
* Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic -3pcs, 
* Shure SM57 Unidirectional Dynamic Mic - 4pcs.
Studio Violina offers all Audio related services, especially on Indian music including Multi-track Audio Recording & Music Production, Music Composition, Arrangement, Mixing, Post-Production, Audio CD Mastering and Demo Creation. Here you can get your complete musical project with a reasonable price.