The Musician Gallery of Studio Violina gives a complete outlook on the profile of the musicians associated with Studio Violina. Studio Violina is one of the best professional audio recording, mixing and mastering studio in Kolkata, India. It provides a platform to any musician who wants to showcase their talent and earn fame for their specialized instrumental skill. A musicians associated with Studio Violina provide their details, songs and videos to Studio Violina. Studio Violina, on behalf of the musician, monetizes the work, earn revenue and return it to the Musician, keeping a nominal amount to itself as it's sole purpose is to promote real talent and help the artist turn their talent into revenue. Many talented musicians get shadowed behind the singers and other musicians and they do not get a chance to let the world know about their real talent and contribution towards music. So, Studio Violina provides them the platform to earn fame along with revenue. Not only the musician but also the viewers can earn money online through Studio Violina. To know more, check our Joining Policy.