Studio Violina brings to you the Theater/Drama Group Gallery which gives you a platform as a Performing Artists to showcase your drama worldwide. Studio Violina is one of the best professional audio recording, mixing and mastering studio in Kolkata, India. We have conceptualized studioviolina.com and its galleries to promote real talent worldwide and help the artist to turn their talent into revenue. The Drama Gallery gives a platform to the Drama Group/Artist to monetize and promote their dramas internationally and make money online. Studio Violina, on behalf of the Drama Group/Artist, monetizes their work, earn revenue and return it to the product owner, keeping a nominal amount to itself. Every Drama Group/Artist must provide a biography of the group in 250-300 words along with the following details to Studio Violina:-

  • 1. Synopsis of the drama
  • 2. List of performed dramas
  • 3. Images of the play
  • 4. Paper/Media cutting related to the play or media reviews
  • 5. Audio Book of the play in MP3 format
  • 6. Video of the Play for download in MP4 format.
  • 7. Youtube link of the drama or the artists related to the drama, if available.
  • 8. Minimum 1 to Maximum 5 file for download.
  • 9. Promo of the video.
  • 10. Download value of the File.

Studio Violina not only give the Drama Group/ Artist to an opportunity to make money online but also provides an opportunity to our viewers to earn money with our excellent joining policy. To know more, check our joining policy.